11 février 2020

My roadtrip to New Zealand

Hello, I will tell you about my trip to New Zealand.

First I was in Auckland located on the North Island.                      I visited the Harbor Viaduct and the Sky Tower.                      Then I went to Rotorua to relax in the hot springs and discover the Maori culture.                                                                                  I am staying in Wellington for 1 week to visit this city in my opinion it is the best city in New Zealand.           

  I also visited the locations of the film The Lord of the Rings.    I took the ferry to reach the south island, the journey lasted about 3 hours.                                                                          Arriving on the island I visit Abel Tasman Park, moreover I visit the city of Queenstown and Milford Sound one of the most beautiful fjords on the planet (a fjords is a unique valley eroded by a glacier advancing from the  mountain to the sea) which is considered by the British writer Rudyard Kipling "as the eighth wonder of the world".                 

                                      Then I went through the city of Dunedin to see the spherical rocks of Moeraki, Mount Cook and the Kaikoura peninsula where there are dolphins and whales.                                        And finally I took the ferry back to the North Island because I wanted to join the Tangario National Park to hike more I was in the caves of Waitomo to see their glow worms and in the peninsula of  Coromandel to see their pohutukawa are red trees.                                                                   



  And I went back to Auckland to take the plane and go back home. The stay will have lasted 3 and a half weeks.                And this is the end of the holydays.                                              To conclude I find that New Zealand is a beautiful and warm country.  I strongly advise you to go and visit New Zealand.


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